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Hong Kong - Day 4


Y’all have seen tons of pics so I don’t need to bore you with those points throughout the day. Here are some thoughts instead!
-Androgyny is quite popular in Hong Kong, I don’t know if these women are actually lesbian or it’s just a cool thing to do right now
-I had the best char siu bao ever…

Maybe I should add my own notes from my day to this xD

  • Visited the Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Aberdeen. Underwhelming.
  • But! Met a local who moved to Hong Kong from Shanghai and speaks really good English. He directed us to go to Lamma Island, take a hike and eat some good seafood.
  • Ate seafood and hiked the island. Super sunny and super warm. A little miserable for my mom and sis, but I enjoyed it xD
  • Dinner at Causeway bay. Starting to work my way through that list from ThatFoodCray.
  • THERE ARE SO MANY MICHELIN STAR RESTAURANTS IN HK. And most are affordable compared to US restaurants!
  • Went up to Victoria’s Peak in the evening with Marc. So good to have friends while abroad. Such a blessing

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The neighborhood kids were just playing “Police”. The older kids pulled the younger ones over on their bikes and angrily demanded increasingly large sums of money. Infractions started off at 34 cents but the fines quickly ballooned to over 61 thousand million dollars.

I was going to correct them, but they pretty much nailed it.